With over a century of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, LED technology, photometry and luminaire product invention, eLuminaire is unique among your possible LED fixture sources.

eLuminaire designs its fixtures from concept, based upon the most robust and innovative technologies available, through manufacturing at our custom designed and owned facility, and supported locally by our experienced project success organizations.

eLuminaire’s unique value comes from ‘owning the process’ beginning with close Customer relationships that inspire our inventions, product design that learns and responds to our Customers’ needs, and a manufacturing facility that was itself designed and built to optimize eLuminaire inventions and technologies.

eLuminaire expertise bonded together from the knowledge that this synergy of capabilities is greater than the parts.

We do not design something for someone else to build. We do not build what someone else has designed.

We embrace and enact Customer guidance for continuous product improvements in performance, features, simple installation and ease of doing business.

  • Simple
  • Precise
  • Efficient
  • eLuminaire